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Complete Holiday Support

Founded by Linda Schneider in 1989, Santa’s Helpers Anonymous seeks to make a meaningful difference during the stressful holiday season. With her husband, Stuart "Topper" Crook and their daughters, Gretchen Bauer and Katelin Etoh and their families, what originally started as a family effort run out of a basement has grown from helping 10 to 1,000 families each year through word of mouth and no paid employees. 


This growth has been achieved by their perserverance that of the 100% volunteer support of the hundreds of “elves” that donate money and dedicate time to wrapping gifts, loading boxes of food, cooking turkeys and making deliveries Christmas Eve morning. In addition, Santa's Helpers has received help from a number of local and national businesses through free or discounted gifts, food, and warehouse space used to stage everything before delivery on Christmas Eve. As part of their mission, they have sought to maintain anonymity event when asked by TV giant, CNN to do a story, they have said, "No." In this vein, when recipients of Santa's generosity ask who they should thank, the answer is always..."Santa!"

Giving to Baltimore Since 1989
  • 1,000 families, approximately 4,500 people are supported each year

  • Families in need are identified through schools and community organizations

  • More than 26 tons of food and 4,500 wrapped presents

100% Volunteer Supported
  • More than 800 volunteers

  • A third of volunteers provide financial support

  • Each year, 350 people will wrap presents, dozens of restaurants and caterers will cook turkeys, and more than 600 will help deliver gifts and dinners to families on Christmas Eve

What each family receives

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