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2016 Volunteer Details

Santa's Helpers Will Have the Same Workshop for 2016

Directions: Go north of Hunt Valley Mall on York Rd approximately 1-1/2 miles. Turn left at the traffic light onto Sparks Valley Rd. We are the second building on the right.

Important Details for Wrapping Volunteer Shifts:

Wrapping will take place December 10th and 11th at our warehouse. To remind you the Saturday and Sunday morning shifts are 10AM-1PM, the afternoon shifts are 2PM-4PM. You selected a shift when you registered, we will send a confirmation email. We will be busy setting up in the morning, so please don't come early. The door will open at 10 am each day.

We ask that you bring your own scissors. We will provide everything else. There will be instructions located at each table and Santa’s Staff Elves to answer questions. Comfortable shoes are advisable. The workshop is old office space which has resulted in tight working areas, so there isn't any open space for young wrappers to romp and play in. Refreshments will be provided.

Should you have any questions please call us at 410-236-9326. In case of inclement weather, check back here for pertinent announcements.

Important Details for Drivers:

Santa’s Helpers Anonymous Elves have the gifts and food ready for delivery on Christmas Eve morning at our warehouse at the Loveton Farms Industrial Park in Sparks, MD.

We have four shifts of drivers between 8:30 - 10:30 AM and will notify you a few days before the 24th with your assigned shift time.

For each of the 3-4 families that you are assigned you will need space in your vehicle for a box of food, a bag of gifts, a wrapped blanket, a cooked turkey, gallon of milk, pumpkin pie and pound of butter. Try not to bring extraneous things in order that you will have room for everything. Once loaded you should be able to complete your deliveries in 1-2 hours. Be mindful of the weather and dress accordingly. This is an outside venture and Santa MUST deliver no matter what the weather may be.

Important Details for Turkey Cookers:

Turkeys will be available for pickup between 9 am and 6 pm starting December 19th at the Wegman’s in Hunt Valley.

1. Please go to the loading dock in the back, down the hill behind Sears, and tell them you are with Santa’s Helpers Anonymous.

2. Make sure to sign your turkeys out and back in. The list is alphabetized and the number of turkeys that you have volunteered to cook is listed. W

3. Be sure to take an aluminum roaster pan for each turkey. You will need to put your cooked turkey into a clean aluminum roaster pan before returning it.


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